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Know The Best 5 Amazing Youtube Channels in SEO


It is known that a person who wants to develop himself in the seo or in any other field, must learn from more than one source in order to be familiar with many and enormous information on the field in which he wants to advance So here we will touch on the top 5 channels – in my personal opinion – through which you can learn SEO

On Of These Amazing Youtube Channels in SEO Called “Neil Patel

Amazing Youtube Channels in SEO

1 – Neil Patel

Neil Patel is a SEO specialist and is Indian by nationality, and I have enough information that all beginners or even people in SEO can keep track of him continuously.

Neil Patel is one of the most successful digital marketers everywhere.

“Ubbersuggest” Is One of The Best in SEO Tools

Neil Patel has one of the most important tools currently in SEO which is a tool

You may have read one of his many articles or books, heard him speak, or watch one of his videos

Neil started learning digital marketing at the age of 16

Neil Patel’s marketing journey started in the year 200, his first website did this at the age of 16 and paid a few marketing companies to help with his growth, but he ended up being deceived as he said, he had to learn marketing because he had no choice

It has been good at that over time, but it will take another step before you advance digital marketing as a profession


2- Neil Patel and Facebook

Facebook Messenger Neal is a sophisticated marketer and is a big fan of the chat software on

“Click-to-messenger rates are crazy: 80% of open rates and at least 20% of click-through rates – that’s huge,” he said, adding that any marketer would be cheerful to get stats like that with an email marketing campaign.

3- Neil Patel’s advice

Head over to MobileMonkey and help free marketing program on Facebook Messenger to add it to your marketing mix.


4- Neil Patel is a first-rate marketing blogger

Many people were surprised by the amount of content posted on the Neal Blog regularly. Where we find that all articles are arranged with a large number of quantities and are organizationally compatible with seo. This is very natural because he is a professional in SEO and also gives lessons to students, beginners as well as professionals

His blog earns 2.3 million visitors every month.Nile has an editorial team to help him, as well as the process of creating simplified content.

Then he finds other angles that he can use to tackle these issues, whether it’s a different spin, a different shape, or fetching a different medium.

He keeps his posts simple and direct, the goal is always to drive traffic and spark conversation.
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5- Its history is incredibly impressive

He can count brands like Amazon, eBay, Google, Salesforce, NBC, General Motors, Hewlett Packard and Viacom among his customers.

He also led employee presentations to major corporations including Facebook and Thomson Reuters.

5. Neal was born in London and raised in California


Neil was born on April 24, 1985 in London, England. His parents moved to Orange County, California when he was two years old. As with most first-generation immigrants in America, his family initially struggled. His father worked with one of Neil’s uncles.

Meanwhile, his mother’s first job was an unpaid school party that took her miles to walk. His mother eventually left the teaching job to start home daycare work. His parents and uncles served as role models, as they demonstrated perseverance and entrepreneurship throughout his entire childhood.


6. Neil Patel high school courses

With the help of his sister, Neal managed to get a start in college while he was still in high school by taking general education courses at Cypress Community College.

His goal was to finish college in just two and a half years.

While in college, he got his first nuisance as a SEO consultant.

He gave a speech on how search engines work in Speech 101, and then an audience asked him about consulting Elpac Electronics about their internet marketing strategy.

He used the selling skills he gained from selling vacuum cleaners for $ 3,500 a month for counseling!


7. Neil Patel is recognized by President Obama and the United Nations

As he grew more and more as a digital marketer and businessman, he began to gain appreciation for his accomplishments in helping other companies grow.

Neil was named one of the Top 100 Entrepreneurs Under 30 by then President Barack Obama.

It was also named as one of the 100 Best Entrepreneurs under the age of 35 by the United Nations, and it received congressional recognition by the U.S. House of Representatives.


8. Neil hosts a daily podcast called School of Marketing

Neil hosts daily podcast with Eric SEO. The two cover a variety of digital marketing topics in small pieces.

The Marketing School gets 1 million listeners per month.


9. Neil is the author of “New York Times” which is  bestseller

In 2016, Neil co-authored: The Ability to Charge Your Life with Money, Meaning, and Momentum.

The most characteristic of Neal Patel in SEO and digital marketing in general:

What distinguishes Neil Patel’s videos is that she is not long boring as it only gives you the important points that you should start with. You will try with yourself to discover each point separately.

Besides, his smooth, comfortable and enthusiastic style does not make you feel bored at all and makes you watch the video, etc. Besides, he not only talks about SEO in his channel, but also gives you important information and technologies in social media and digital marketing.


Among the “Amazing YouTube channels in SEO” is Backlinco


backlinco - 5 قنوات يوتيوب هائلة في السيو

Brien dean- backlinco

1- The Second Chanel is “Backlinco” For Brien Dean


Here we are talking about Brian Dien, the seo expert who is the founder of the backlinco channel, where he offers all his experiences in the seo channel

After failing in his first five online businesses, Brian finally acquired gold through a personal finance website in 2012. He created Backlinko to teach the lessons he learned along the way.

Since the launch of Backlinko, Brian has quickly made a name for himself by publishing insanely practical strategies that marketers can use to grow their business online. Backlinko is now one of the most popular online marketing blogs.

He Has A Website & Youtube Like “Neil Patel”

Brian Dine has a website and a YouTube channel, I recommend you to watch his videos on his YouTube channel “backlinco” first, then turn to reading articles on his site.

There is no doubt that the articles contain very large and large information, but at the beginning, especially beginners in seo, they will find that its explanation is smooth and simplified, with pictures and practical way, more in the videos.

Videos content of Brien deen with backlinco

What He Says in SEO?

His recent videos on his channel speak advanced in the field of SEO, where we find that he puts different techniques and organized process methods, whether in the on page seo or off page seo.

He also has videos that talk about the best way to do a keyword search, as he said that it is not only limited to the keyword analysis tools, but also that you can find keywords that help you improve your site in search engines through sites like: reddit – quora – medium – buffer – enterprenuere … etc

This is why his channel is the second important channel that I recommend watching.


nathan-gotch- 5 قنوات يوتيوب هائلة في السيو

nathan-gotch- 5 قنوات يوتيوب هائلة في السيو

3- The Third SEO Channel is “Nathan Gotch

Although he is somewhat unpopular like Neil Patel and Brien Deen in the SEO field, his videos contain very valuable and useful information in the SEO field.

He does not only give important points, and after that the viewer is required to search by himself and start working on it – as Neil Patel and Brian Dien do, but he does a detailed explanation of each of the points he makes in the video, where if he addresses a part, for example, SEO Audit, we find a detailed explanation. Step by step how SEO audit works

The same is true in Keyword research, the seo tools, and how to write content and create content. It explains each step and every point of explanation completely.

His Videos’ Length

Therefore, we find that his smallest video is 15 minutes, where we will find that his videos may reach an hour or more.

There is no doubt, of course, that its channel is important and useful, whether for beginners or advanced.


5 قنوات يوتيوب هائلة في السيو - Ranking Academy

5 قنوات يوتيوب هائلة في السيو – Ranking Academy

4- The Forth SEO Channel is Ranking Academy

Also, among these amazing youtube channels in SEO we get the founder of “Ranking Academy” channel is Luke Duran, and he undoubtedly has much experience in seo and digital marketing in general.

His power in seo here comes from his interest in Local Business or Local SEO. Where we find that it gives great attention to the importance of showing the site in search engines by setting the location or using local business sites,

There is no doubt, of course, that local seo helps the site faster to improve and appear to the search engines.

Other Digital Marketing Skills

Besides that he has information on creating YouTube content and how to configure the YouTube channel in search engines, if you have a channel that talks about a certain niche or specific content. Besides his information about building a business and brand for anyone who wants to start a company


Also, if you want to know more information about Social Media and Facebook Business, there is no doubt that you are a haven in his videos.

5 قنوات يوتيوب هائلة في السيو - ahrefs

5 قنوات يوتيوب هائلة في السيو – ahrefs

5- The Five SEO Channel is Ahrefs


It does not mean that this channel came at the end of the channels, as it is less important than previous channels. On the contrary, this is one of the most important channels that give you seo hacks to improve your site in search engines.

Of course, who has information about SEO or search engine configuration, Ahrefs will know very well, as it is considered one of the most powerful SEO tools in the world, as it contains many methods for analyzing your site by using any other analytical tool for SEO.

Even if it is very expensive, it will undoubtedly give you amazing results to improve your site in the search engines.

We return to this channel where we find that the video content provider is Sam oh from the same ahrefs website. It is true that the information he provides is limited to his use of the ahrefs tool, but this does not mean that he provides weak content. On the contrary, it is in this channel that it shows the tremendous strengths of this tool and has involved this tool through all its videos, where we find that this tool contains:

Seo audit work

Create a distinct analysis and do a keyword search

Show all errors that hinder the site from appearing in the search engines
Improve the speed and performance of the site
Competitive analysis

(We will talk about it further in another article)

Sam oh on this channel talks about the use of this tool and how to follow organized and advanced steps in improving the site’s visibility in search engines, the most important thing is:

  • Assess the speed of site performance,
  • How to create content that matches search engines,
  • Creative ways to search in Google to find out where your site appears in the search engines
  • How to (legally) steal backlinks for your competitors
  • How to find broken links that negatively affect your site
  • Besides many other details that help to know the importance of your site ahrefs and why it should be a basic tool for working in the seo

So here we found the best amazing youtube channels in SEO where give the best information about SEO

Watching The Basics Of These Amazing Youtube Channels in SEO Is More Enough For Begginers

And last but not least, we know that it is possible for the learner to not know to watch all these channels for SEO education, but at least watch the basic videos that you need at the moment to improve your site even if you take 3 videos, for example, from each channel in the beginning. But I advise you not to overlook a channel from them because each channel has its characteristics, value and information that it provides to the viewer.

So here we found the best amazing youtube channels in SEO where give the best information about SEO



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